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Band on the Run

June 8, 2019
Judy participated in Band on the Run again this year, 10km run!
band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run001.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run002.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run003.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run004.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run005.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run006.jpg
After the race the participants that were members of Motivations Fitness got together for a few group photos
band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run007.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run008.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run009.jpg band-on-the-run - band-on-the-run010.jpg

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